Who We Are

Barkdyard Kennel guarantees that quality litter will be produced for our clients' future family members. We always choose a top-condition dam and sire combination to ensure a well-balanced, healthy pup in the future. Before allowing them to copulate and produce a litter, we take the time to observe their temperament to see if it is acceptable for our clients' general safety and the breed standard.


As one of a few legitimate breeders of American Akita here in the Philippines. We strive to create quality, well-bred Akitas by pursuing selective breeding and uses the breed standard mindset, driven by the challenging fact that we don't have enough American Akita community around to share a common goal.


The primary goal of our kennel is to educate and familiarize the general public with the correct interpretation of the breed standard for a particular breed of dog that we keep in our kennel (not limited to the American Akita).

Pet Transport

Reuniting pets with their families across the country, safely and smoothly by providing our best service in the simplest & most efficient way possible.

We Produce Quality Pure Breed Litter!

American Akita
Long Coat
C - Litter 2022
PCCI Registered

PCCI Registered
Fuly Vaxxed

Shih Tzu
Choco Liver
[C] - Litter 2022

Fully Vaxxed

Belgian Malinois
B] - Litter 2022
Open for reservation

PCCI Registered
Updated Deworming
Fully Vaxxed upon release

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